Established in New York, in 1994, by two photographers who found each other, while chasing after celebrities, at night, through the streets of Manhattan (another words: paparazzi):

Margaret + Jack

Since then, we have photographed hundreds of weddings, engagements, and private sessions. Spanning across multiple cultures and customs, from eastern orthodox, to ultra modern, conservative, and not so much...

And we love every minute of it. From the morning coffee, to the last dance of the night. For us, there is no better way to explore the world than being a witness to some of the most joyous and intimate events in the lives of people from across the globe.

Our experience in commercial and fashion shoots in recent years, have opened a new chapter in our wedding photography as well. A mix of commercial and documentary styles has made our approach more:

Edgy. Unexpected. Reinvented.

While working together on every shoot; fashion, commercial or wedding, We like to maintain our individual styles though. Margaret specializes in portraiture with clean, elegant and simple composition. Whereas Jack, being a bit of a messy person (according to Margaret, anyway), prefers a more busy background with a slightly wider perspective.

Together we make a really nice person, and an interesting photographer :)

We are currently working out of Europe, but we are open to inquries from anywhere around the world. Please note that due to our commercial commitments our availability is limited to around ten to twelve weddings per year.

Woszczyna & Wiesnowski
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